Again and again

This morning I made a cup of tea and carried it to my bedroom. There was already a cup of tea by the bed, slightly warm. It must have been there half an hour.

Later, feeling thirsty, I made another cup of tea and picked it up to carry it to my desk. I looked across the room, saw a cup of tea already there, untouched. I put down the new one, picked up the other. It was almost as hot, perfectly drinkable. It can only have been five minutes old, or less.

This happens often.

I don’t know if it’s common, ‘perfectly normal’, or even a function of tea-drinking. I don’t know if this shows how far I’ve already fallen.

I was once an excellent speller – I could see mistakes a mile off, and type without errors. I had compliments on my accuracy and abilities.

Now, every sentence contains at least one word I can’t get right first time.

[com. con. contin. caoni. contains]

[tie. tim. tie. time]

At least I notice. That’s something.




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