Where are my keys?

Forgetting can improve health and fitness. True. Every time I have to go back to where I was minutes, hours, days before, to do the thing I’d forgotten, I get a little bit more physical exercise, and – and this is very important – I exercise my mental faculties and memories and, presumably, improve my memorising capacities. It’s what I want to believe, so let it be true.

In this category today were the following:

Arriving at the car and realising I’d forgotten the car keys, so returning to the house, find the key, unlocking the door and – immediately (yes, I knew exactly where I’d left them) – laying my hands on them. Then re-locking the door and going back to the car.

Another thing with the keys at work.

The same thing with the equipment necessary to do my job, remembering to go back and get it just as I was driving out the gate to travel ten miles up country. A couple of times, I’ve arrived in the northern depot without any of the equipment and had to go back to the start. It can feel as though every day is a potential snakes and ladders game, but with the potential of sliding off the board onto the floor, even before I start.

Then I forgot to put coconut milk in the Thai soup. The smell of my own breath alerted to me to something being wrong but it took a while to work it out.

Also, spelling errors. [Spekk, speek, speeling, spelling.] [altered, alerted.] [is, it, if.]

Again I wonder if a) some of this is normal ageing, b) I’m tired, c) it’s only memory, or d) something worse.


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